Canada is a hospitable country that welcomes new migrants every day, especially people who are willing and able to bring valuable skills and qualifications to our country.There are many such categories under which someone can migrate to Canada and make it their home.

Each category brings its own unique requirements and process in regards to eligibility and application. We have the upper advantage of having the expertise to help with the following categories and answer all questions/ concerns pertaining to them. We will also:

A. Evaluate your eligibility under Canadian immigration laws

B. Initiate the legal process

C. Professionally advise you of the necessary next steps, to ensure all legal requirements are met

D. Represent you in your immigration case.

See the categories below, decide which category you fit in, fill out the web form or give us a call, We are here to help.


Categories/ Services:

Study Permits and letters of acceptance.

Have you been accepted by a recognized institution? Well, congratulations! Canada is known for its internationally recognized and highly accredited universities. We will help determine what you need to satisfy this category. For instance, did you know you might have to provide a police certificate showing you are a law-abiding citizen? Give us a call we will help you with the details.


The Parent and Grandparent Super Visas.

Are you the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen? Are you a Canadian citizen with a parent or grandparent you would like to visit you here in Canada? Why not apply for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa? Did you know this visa is valid for 10 years? If you think you may be eligible for this category and would like to learn more about the Parent and Grand Parent Super Visa, contact us now via our web form below or give us a call.


Visitor Visas:

Thinking of visiting Canada to see family or friends? Maybe just to see our beautiful Niagara Falls or visit the C.N tower? You don’t have to be overwhelmed when planning your visit, we will help you with the fine details. For instance, did you know there are two very different types of visas you can apply for? Do you know the differences between a single entry visa and a multi entry visa and which one is best for you? Give us a call we are here to help.


Work – Permits & LMIA

Are you actually prepared to work in a foreign country? Do you know your rights and requirements? Did you know there is a list of ineligible employers that you cannot obtain a work permit to work for? We will help you Apply for a work permit, complete your Express Entry forms, extend your work permit stay and help you understand your rights as a foreign worker. Give us a call we are here for you!


Family Class sponsorship and Sponsorship of spouse

Did you know that you or your loved one could migrate to Canada with the sponsorship of a qualified relative? Call us and we will assess if you or your loved one meets the sponsorship requirements.


Self – employed professional

Canada’s thriving economy offers an enormous amount of opportunity for the entrepreneur/self-employed professional. If you are self-employed, have sufficient experience in managing a business, if your business is a successful venture and you are interested in moving to Canada, the time has never been better to give us a call, we will help you with your process.


Skilled Immigrant (Express Entry)

Are you seeking to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker program or under the Skilled Trades Program? The skilled immigrant express entry is one of the most commonly used paths of living and working in Canada. Do you think you have the skills that Canada needs? Give us a call, we have helped many skilled immigrants secure a place in Canada, and we can help you too.


Citizenship Applications

Did you know you must be eligible in age (18 years or older), must have resided in Canada for at least three years in the past four and must be able to have everyday conversation in either French or English before you can apply for citizenship in Canada? The process can seem overwhelming, but we are here to simplify it for you. Give us a call and we will help you along the way.


Permanent Resident PR Card Renewal

Was your PR Card lost or stolen? Has it been destroyed? Has it expired or will it expire soon? You don’t have to worry our expert team is skilled in this category and will expedite your PR card renewal as soon as possible. Contact us now via our web form below or give us a call.


We have various other immigration services including:

- The provincial nominee Program

- Business (investors) Programs

- Live in caregiver application

- Humanitarian and compassionate applicant


Have questions/ concerns about the category you fit in? No problem give us a call, we will guide you through every step.

Whether you are ready to make the move or are just thinking about it and weighing your options, we will give you the trusted professional proven advice you need. We pride ourselves on making the immigration process to Canada an easy and streamlined experience. For more information about our professional services give us a call now!